Care & Cleaning

Modern History Furniture is built & designed to provide first-class quality with minimal care. Care & attention to a few of the bulleted strategies/steps below will help make you’re purchase timeless.

  • Avoid putting products in direct sunlight or extreme heat conditions. This could cause finish to discolor or fade as a result.
  • Placing hot, rubber, or plastic objects directly on the piece may cause a chemical reaction and result in damaged or weakened finish. Always be sure to underline objects with felt or other furniture protectors when placing objects on the piece.
  • When dusting we recommend the use of a soft, clean cloth, dusting with the grain. Dusting aids & recommended furniture cleaners can be used on cloth when needed. Please contact manufacture if you have any questions regarding dust products.
  • Over time a high quality polish might be needed to enhance the products look and finish. We suggest “Guardsman” furniture polish to retain the piece’s beauty every 8-12 months.
  • Any liquid spilled should be cleaned from the piece immediately to avoid softening or damaging the finish. Please use a clean, minimally damp cloth when performing cleaning process.
  • In having a classic Modern History piece, scratches and minor blemishes do occur. These can easily be touched up with “Mohawk” scratch remover or touch-up pens/sticks available from a hardware store or local repair expert.
  • When caring and cleaning for non-wood finishes such as metal (brass), stone, and plexi, please avoid ANY chemical cleaners! Use ONLY a slightly damp, clean cloth with soap and warm water. Remove any standing or spilled liquid immediately.
  • When assembling glass to certain pieces, always use felt or rubber stoppers to avoid scratching and sliding of glass for care and safety.